Good Health and Well-Being

Good Health and Well Being

KFUPM pays special attention to the physical and mental health of all its affiliates. The university also realizes that part of its mission is to instill good health and well-being habits in its students and employees. KFUPM is continuously taking measures to boost the well-being of all humans as discussed below

Students in Health Professions

Since its establishment, KFUPM has been known for being the technology/engineering powerhouse of Saudi Arabia. However, as years passed by, merging the engineering and technology aspect with medicine-related subjects became a necessity. For this reason, in 2020, KFUPM started to offer Bioengineering Bachelor’s Degrees where our knowledge and experience of 60 years in the field of engineering has helped to enhance and serve the Life Sciences sector for the well-being of all humans.

Collaborations and Health Services

At KFUPM, the medical center delivers its services to all with high international quality standards. Students are treated free of charge. The medical center collaborates with different agencies locally and nationally to ensure that the population inside the campus has access to all necessary medical services. Furthermore, the medical center joined the referral program under the ministry of health. This program provides all the logistical and coordination needs for referring patients from one medical facility to another. It also provides an accurate archiving and statistics system that contains the patients' data transferred through the program between different health facilities all over the Kingdom. The medical center also provides students with access to reproductive health-care services including information and education services through the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.

Promoting good practices for well-being is a major key to achieving a healthy population. That is why annual events are held to promote good practices. For example, in October 2021 a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign was held. This campaign aimed to raise public awareness of the disease, its causes, and the importance of conducting early examinations for early detection. In addition to this, mental health is a vital part of well-being, for that reason a continuous awareness of mental health is broadcasted throughout the campus- and students have free access to psychological consulting.

To ensure the good health and well-being of the campus population, KFUPM has strict rules regarding smoking in public areas as second-hand smoke can tremendously affect the health of non-smokers. To reduce and eliminate the effects of second-hand smoking, KFUPM mandates smokers to smoke only in designated open areas. No smoking policy Student handbook (page 59 point 12 it is stated (in Arabic): ‘You must abstain from smoking in all areas of the university, except in designated places. Non-compliance with this will expose you to penalties stipulated by law’.