Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible Consumption and Production

KFUPM is committed to responsible consumption and production among the KFUPM community and the local community.

Operational Measures

Safety procedures on waste disposal inside the campus and chemical hazardous waste handling and disposal are followed to handle municipal waste and dangerous substances and chemicals by EHS (Environment Health & Safety) department to ensure proper disposal of chemical waste. In addition, we have a medical waste management policy at medical center. Medical Waste Management Policy refers to Hazardous Medical Waste, including infectious, chemical, sharps, and pharmaceutical waste. For waste generated from radioactive sources, KFUPM operates a Radioactive Waste room.

The recycling initiative at the KFUPM campus is expected to maintain a cost-effective and efficient waste management program that focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling of waste. Evidence is listing action points, including "Plastic Waste Reduction" under point 2. (Environment, Health and Safety - Recycling & Waste Management).

All of the above policies extend to any outsourced service as the code of conduct states, reference: page 1 under 1.1 scope it states '...The Code is binding on all faculty, staff, management, and any other University employee, as well as contractors, subcontractors...' and under 1.2 objectives it says 'The University adopted the Code to assist its members with the University’s goals of conducting its business and affairs per applicable laws, rules and regulations, and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct, fair dealing, good faith, and honesty.' (KFUPM code of conduct).

The proportion of Recycled Waste

The EHS department implemented color-coded recycling stations across the university to collect and segregate the waste. Also, this department encourages the KFUPM community to adopt the usage of reusable water bottles and make use of free-of-charge drinking water tap outlets at various locations on the campus and the use of biodegradable paper carry bags instead of plastic bags (Environment, Health and Safety - Plastic pollution). More practices related to paper reduction are urged among the community (Kindly visit EHS-recycling & waste management). The Housing & Office Services department monitors and measures the amount of waste generated, including agricultural waste.

Publication of Sustainability Report

KFUPM publishes a sustainability report every year. This report shows KFUPM activities and progress made fully aligned with the SDGs related to poverty, hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work, and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water, life on land, peace, justice and strong institutions and partnerships for the goals (