No Poverty

No Poverty

KFUPM is dedicated to taking active steps to end poverty regionally and globally. Through our actions, we aim to have a campus free of poverty while we continually pull our weight to achieve a society with no poverty. Our measures against poverty can be summarized in the following paragraphs

All students at KFUPM are on full scholarship/assistantship, be it at the undergraduate level or at the post-graduate level, including all foreigners. The scholarship includes free tuition, free books, free luxurious accommodation in dorms, annual tickets to travel to and from home country to the university, medical care, and a generous stipend. About 11% of KFUPM’s students are from developing or underdeveloped countries. These students are provided with a full scholarship and financial support. In some cases, student support extends beyond the students themselves- For example, students from modest backgrounds and poor families have the option of seeking interest-free loans from Student Affairs. This is generally used to sustain their relatives back home. In addition to this, the university set up a fund (open to donors) to support those students who are from families with limited income.

University Anti-Poverty Programs

Al Fozan Academy was established in KFUPM to develop the capabilities of leaders and managers of non-profit institutions as a joint cooperation between King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals and the Al Fozan Social Foundation. In partnership with KFUPM, Al Fozan Academy has initiated -Raed - a program to qualify youth leaders to manage community initiatives professionally, based on scientific methodologies, and in accordance with international practices in volunteer management. This program trains our students to be leaders in nonprofit and volunteer organizations to achieve a community with no poverty.

In addition to this, the university has a large volunteering event that is organized annually. All students are encouraged to participate. Recent themes include health and environment sectors, elderly homes, orphans, correctional centers, and other fields. In the most recent event, more than 1000 students registered to volunteer and embarked on diverse initiatives and programs. The 13th Volunteer Day.

Community Anti-Poverty Programs

The university holds an annual scientific camp for orphans, in collaboration with Benaa Charity Association for Orphans, the largest orphanage in the country. The camp teaches students important skills that would not only encourage them to apply to the university but would also give them an edge in KFUPM’s competitive admission process. Details about the 4th camp can be found in KFUPM NEWS