Climate Action

Climate Action

As the population keeps increasing and more greenhouse gasses are emitted, KFUPM is pulling its weight through education and research to reduce the effects of climate change nationally and globally.

Environmental Education and Research Measures

The university has dedicated centers to find solutions that help in reducing the impact of climate change and global warming. Some of these centers conduct research in renewable energy & power systems and in hydrogen & energy storage. Also, a concentration program was developed and launched which focuses on climate change adaptation. Furthermore, a research project was initiated which focuses on converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon products. Realizing the importance of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) established a national Technical Innovation Center (TIC) on Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) at KFUPM. Several projects were launched and completed at CCS, which aimed to reduce carbon emissions. Some of the achievements of this center are:

  • 3 US patents in the area of CCS.
  • Over 23 research papers in ISI-indexed scientific journals.
  • 11 scientific research papers in reputable international conferences.

Furthermore, KFUPM Institute for Knowledge Exchange (KIKX) held public events such as seminars and general lectures on climate action. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • A seminar about addressing water security through hydro-environmental engineering and research. Water Security and Climate Change.
  • A seminar about the Solutions for Carbon Mitigation in Saudi Arabia. Topics discussed include Energy Sector De-carbonization: Challenges and Opportunities, Industrial Scale Adsorption Processes for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Carbon Capture and Storage in Geologic Formations and the Path Toward Net-zero Carbon Emissions, and Reticular Materials for Chemical Fixation of Carbon Dioxide.
  • A seminar about the overview of the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority, regulatory initiatives for renewable energy systems in KSA, regulatory framework and enablers of small-scale Solar PV systems in KSA, and overview of regulations for self-consumption renewable energy systems. Regulatory Framework for Renewable Energy Projects in Saudi Arabia.
  • A seminar about hydrogen production via water splitting on a large scale, waste recycling for hydrogen production, material synthesis for hydrogen production, and industrial progress on hydrogen production. Hydrogen Production for Fuel and Chemicals: Current Status and Challenges.